100 Days: Fun & Games

This is part of my series 100 Days: Waiting for a Rainbow. 

When my hormones flair and I’m feeling anxious or sad, it’s easy to fool myself into thinking that pregnancy is awful. The truth is, in spite of back aches, heart aches and a sleepless nights, I actually do have days that bring true happiness. While sometimes its hard to prepare for the arrival of a little person when you know all too well not all little people come home, sometimes it feels normal to buy something just for baby.

Last Monday I spent the morning with my parents, hubby, sister, brother-in-law and nephew scouting out deals at a community wide garage sale. The whole town looked something like this:

Garage Sale The town was full of tables, tents, and driveways full of just about anything you could imagine. The sun was shining, and I may have come home just a bit pink.

I waddled around, slowing down my mom when necessary, checking out tables and boxes full of baby goods.

It was a bit like playing Supermarket Sweep. Fill your bags as fast as you can: sleepers, pants, socks, hats, teeny-tiny itty-bitty little things in a rainbow of colors. Bears and puppies and all variety of zoo animals. Surprisingly, mostly in excellent condition; even a few things with tags still hanging on them.

Clothes weren’t the only goodies I picked up. I won the “best toy of the morning” award for a great set of wooden blocks that look like new. Here are a few of my favorite finds.


Those Socks





























Um… those socks, friends. The socks. And those shoes! And the feets in the jammies! A couple sets of great wooden building blocks that aren’t exactly toys for newborns, but will be a great part of our collection. But mostly… those shoes….

And in case you’re afraid that mommy and daddy have been neglected, we got a great bargain on a little something to keep us busy. And in case you’re curious, yes… that is the entirety of the New York skyline.




3 thoughts on “100 Days: Fun & Games

  1. It was such a fun weekend! It was such a joy to see you happily digging through piles of clothes. Plus, playing games and garage “saling” is just so much more fun than trying to find one more movie on the telly!
    love you, mom

  2. Amanda and Dan- For those of us that didn’t know the baby’s gender, I think I know now, after seeing the clothes that you found! Congratulations, and keep on smiling!

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