Make Way for Baby!

Ducky Centerpiece

A Very Ducky Centerpiece

Last weekend we celebrated the forthcoming heir to the house of Damaske. My dear little sister is expecting the arrival of her first little one in the next five weeks or so. With the help of my dear momma, we threw Elizabeth a shower themed with Robert McCloskey’s 1942 Caldecott Award-winning book Make Way for Ducklings.

Elizabeth has themed her nursery using the children’s book The Story of Ping, also a book about ducks, so Make Way for Ducklings was the perfect compliment. My momma hosted, and did all the hard work of cooking up delicious refreshments. I piloted the decorations, party favors and games.

Guest BookFor a guestbook, I purchased a hardback copy of the theme book, Make Way for Ducklings. Baby will have a lifelong record of everyone who attended to celebrate Baby’s approaching arrival.

Bath Time Price is Right

After a devotional and prayer, my momma started the festivities with Bath Time Price Is Right. Taking baby from dirty diaper, all the way through bathtime, into a warm pair of jammies, guests tried to guess the approximate value of each item. As it turns out, bathtime is expensive! All those goodies cost around $150!

Memory Game

After trying to remember some favorite nursery rhymes (who knows what article of clothing “my son John” went to bed without?), we played a memory game. Strung across the entrance to the room were a dozen baby items, from spoons to hats to blankets. While the guests were remembering nursery rhymes, I removed all 12 items, and challenged to guests to see how many things they could remember.

Ducky Sugar CookiesThe winner of each game received a jar of sugar cookie mix with sprinkles, and a duck shaped cookie cutter.

A Veritable FeastAfter games, it was time for a feast. The food wasn’t themed after the book (other than peanuts and popcorn, we would have been munching small fishes and bugs!), but it was themed after Elizabeth’s favorite foods: pigs in blankets, deviled eggs, fruit kabobs, tortellini skewers with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese, snack mix, duck shaped sugar cookies, and buttermilk pie. What a feast!

Angry DucksLook at these adorable pretzel ducks momma made, with little sunflower seed beaks! We agreed they were super cute, even if they look a bit more like Angry Birds than ducks.

PingThe Bump of Honor, with momma-to-be, proudly displaying an inherited copy of Ping, and a vintage stuffed duck who looks strikingly like the title character.  The book was the copy Elizabeth grew up reading at our grandmother’s house. As Elizabeth opened gifts, the gift-giver read a piece of new-mommy advice. The advice was written on white cardstock feathers, to be put into a scrapbook.

Soon-to-be Great-Aunt Becky shared her wisdom.

Soon-to-be Great-Aunt Becky shared her wisdom.

Nana-to-be shares some special advice.

Nana-to-be shares some special advice.

Elizabeth's Ping QuiltLook at this incredible storybook quilt made for Elizabeth – once again The Story of Ping – made by an Aunt, one of my quilting mentors. In each of the corners is the quiltblock called “duck feet.” The quilt is in grays and yellows.

Duck Food

Party guests went home with their own bag full of “duck food” – a combination of goldfish crackers, peanuts and pretzels.

Elizabeth and FriendsFun and fellowship had by all!

Unfortunately, every single photo I have I managed to crop out the 27 feet of yellow and brown bunting I made for doorways and entrances. It really was simple to make, and a lot of fun!

What an honor it was to throw a special party for a special gal and a special little one on the way!


As a side note, Make Way for Baby marks my 100th post here on Echoing Footsteps!


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