A Bright Spot on a Dull Day

There was a bright spot on my day today, in spite of drizzling rain, stormy clouds and frazzled nerves.

Someone among my faithful bloggy readers is a Fall Fairy. Sort of like a Tooth Fairy, only I didn’t put any teeth under my pillow, and what I got was waaaaaay more than a quarter.

Speaking of which, kids these days don’t know how good they had it! When I was a kid you had to loose a whole mouthful of teeth to buy a candy bar. Today, you loose a tooth and you get an X-Box or something!

What did this mystical being leave me?


And these.

With a little note that said….

So, dear Fall Fairy, thank you.


Now I’m running home to put all my pretty new decorations in just the right spot! How are you spending your weekend?




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