Month in Review

~I was certain I’d posted this last night. Sorry, guys! Today’s a two-fer!~

September disappeared, didn’t it? We’re barreling on more and more quickly to holidays and the end of the year. Just yesterday I was in K-Mart where the Christmas trees were resting peacefully next to Halloween costumes. I’m a bit surprised Valentine’s Day cupids weren’t floating about. But before I loose the precious things that happened in September to pumpkin-flavored-everything and chilly temperatures: here are how things went down in September.

My September Goals 

  • Can more tomoates
  • Work up four blocks for my big quilt project
  • Fall seasonal meal plan
  • Fall decor, including a fall wreath
  • Read two novels from my Book List

How did I do?

  • Tomatoes: check! I put up another dozen quarts, plus I have about 13 cups of tomato sauce in my freezer.
  • Big quilt project: fail. Utter fail. I did get my little on sandwiched together and a few stitches put in. I’ve been significantly uninspired in the sewing department
  • Fall seasonal plan: not quite. But I did implement these tactics to help my meal planning along.
  • Fall decor: another fail. I drive past Ace Hardware staring longingly at their pots of mums and gourds of various shapes and sizes. But I’ve decided that sticking to our Financial Peace budget is more important. This non-necessity was cut from the budget.
  • Read two novels from my Book List: Although I wrote four reviews in September, I only read one book in October: 1001 Nights. The others I read in August.

So, it kind of looks like September was a bust. That’s how life is, sometimes. We revert to surviving, and choose to take a back seat instead of working purposefully towards our goals. I don’t want to say this is “okay” – but what is okay is being honest about how we’re doing. I don’t want to become one of those bloggers who, to all outward appearances, has a perfect life. So rarely are we encouraged by the illusion of perfection – and I want to be an encourager. As you set and work towards you goals, sometimes missing the mark, I hope you’re encouraged to know you’re not alone.

Keeping in mind our new Dave Ramsey Approved Budget, and looking a little more realistically at what I have to give while working full time, performing part time, being a full-time homemaker (because who isn’t?), and trying to keep up with my hobbies and blogging, here are the goals I’m moving forward with this month. For my own sake, I’ll include how I’m going to try to work to meet these goals.

  • Read the following books: The Valley of Vision, A Path Through Suffering and The Federalist Papers. This will mean shutting off the TV earlier, since most of my reading happens before bedtime. It also means maybe spending Sunday afternoons with a book instead of my newest favorite TV show.
  • Finish the quilting on my little project. This will mean actually picking up my project while I’m watching TV. It will also mean taking 90 seconds to stop by the quilt shop and pick up a spool of thread.
  • Start working on a Christmas present. Yes, I’m hand-making a few this year and I have one picked out and ready to go. Once I buy the extra supplies. Since the recipient of this particular gift reads my blog, no pictures until after the first of the year. Sorry, kids.
  • Write out a rough-draft ministry plan to kick-start a new program at my church. This means taking a Saturday morning to put my disorganized ideas onto an organized sheet of paper.
  • Get a portion of our Financial Peace Emergency Fund in the bank. We’re hoping to get about half-way there this month, and we’ll make it if we keep to our planned budget.
  • Plan a social event for some young couples we know. We’ve got a couple sets of couple-friends who are new to the area and we’d like to give them some more couple-friends to socialize with. Right now, I’m thinking bonfire….

What are you planning for October?



2 thoughts on “Month in Review

  1. After reading your post I’ve decided now that I need a plan for October. 🙂 So one will be formulating. I don’t know what happened to September but it’s gone now so I won’t regret it. Some of the things off the top of my head though for October are:
    1. Finish unpacking all of the boxes (having just moved into a new place).
    2. Decorate the downstairs bathroom (currently devoid of anything but toilet paper and hand soap.
    3. Use my crockpot at least 3 more times. (Last night I attempted Chinese beef and broccoli, but it kind of just turned out like stew but with a bit of soy sauce and sesame oil flavor – still good.)
    4. Finish one book. (I have three started.)
    5. Block out time for at least 3 October/Autumn “scrapbook” moments – meaning memory-making time. That I’ll have to schedule because otherwise it will suddenly be November.

    Thanks for always making me think!

    • Love this list! Way to go on that goal setting. Your story about Chinese beef & broccoli made me smile. I attempted lasagna in my crockpot a week or so ago, and Dan and I agreed that if we weren’t expecting it to taste like lasagna it wouldn’t have been so bad. Expecting it to taste like lasagna made it truly ick….

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