Pinterest Weekly 9.20.12

Here are the great things I’m pinning this week:

This is maybe my most popular pin ever – or at least very close. How cute is this outfit?

Look at this stunning purse from Ralph Lauren. Too bad it costs more than I make in a month. Or two.

This must be fashion week on Pinterest. These great shoes are from Anthropologie. And they, sadly, do not live in my closet.

Here are some great tips for putting your garden to bed for the fall, and having it ready to go in the spring.

60 Side dishes for your Thanksgiving dinner table. So many tempting choices, so little space on the table!

I’m not always a big fan of star quilts, but the colors are so cheery, andthe tutorial is so good, I couldn’t help sharing.

Finally, the best way to smooth out a harried day: a good cup of tea and a cheery conversation with friends.

What are you pinning this week?



2 thoughts on “Pinterest Weekly 9.20.12

    • Glad they were helpful! We’ve still got bunches of tomatoes I’m hoping will ripen. They’ve got a nice orangish-glow, but with how cold its been I’m guessing we may loose them. Guess who might be trying out fried green tomatoes!

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