Pinterest Weekly: 9.15.12

Since Thursday got away from me this week, I didn’t want to neglect my Pinterest Weekly post. So while you’ve got a lazy Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon, I thought that would be a great time to show you the things Pinterest has me excited about this week. Want to see the original source? Just click the photo.

This recipe looks so delicious. I love gyros – but I never ever buy gyro meat from the store because there are too many preservatives. This recipe is for chicken and it looks wonderful.

How beautiful is this? I love the whimsy of the candy canes.

This spinach and cheddar stratta was supposed to be dinner tonight. I love breakfast for dinner. But my husband had compassion on me and took me out to eat instead. Maybe this will be lunch tomorrow.

I will never be accused of loving exercise. The closest exercise I come to truly enjoying is yoga. For me its a great way to wake-up, de-stress, wind down for the evening or actually sweat a little. I thought this petite morning routine looked like a great thing to try.

Fortunately, Hugo has such a great way with words, I don’t need to say anything else.

What are you pinning today?



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