Pinterest Weekly 9.7.12

Look at all these great things I’ve found on Pinterest lately. As usual, linked back to the original source.

Better Homes & Gardens has a number of suggestions for bathroom storage. I saw this and wondered if it would work well in a small bedroom, too.

Look at this sweet ornament applique quilt. Wouldn’t this be great done in holiday fabrics and colors, for a table runner or wall hanging?

These snickerdoodle bars were a big hit at holiday picnics last weekend. They have no redeeming health values, but they did keep me from pulling my hair out over the eternal snickerdoodle problem: baking out into flat, crispy, greasy pancakes.

Here’s a great homemade remedy for nasty colds, sore throats and bad coughs. I ought to make some of this up before cold season arrives!

Look at this beautiful sweater. Fall is chunky sweater time in my book – along with apple cider, s’mores over bonfires, and raking lots of leaves. This looks like the perfect sweater for all of those things!

Speaking of fall, I think apple butter and pie both belong in that season too. To celebrate, here’s a link to an apple butter pie recipe. Yummy!

While I’m thinking fall, look at this great activities list. I hate saying bucket list, what with the implication I’d like to do these things before I die. Rather, I’d like to do these things this fall. (And yes, I know its not 2011 anymore).

I know its 85 degrees outside, but I’m thinking fall anyway. What about you?



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