August in Review & September’s Goals

As promised, I’m back. I’m piecing back together all those great plans I had for maintaining a good blog, and hopefully September will prove more consistent than August. Vacation is over and done, and work has launched itself into 2013 preparations a bit like a rocket headed to the moon (well, like a rocket headed to the moon back before the NASA program stopped going to the moon). I’d like to take a minute today to reflect back on August, and see how close I came to meeting my goals, in spire of life not going exactly as I’d expected.

Here were my August goals:

  • Vacation, vacation, vacation
  • Annual summer cleaning
  • Read Ann Voskamp’s book “One Thousand Gifts.”
  • Create a seasonal meal plan for fall.
  • Make a fall wreath.
  • Can tomatoes.
  • Make some serious headway on my big quilting project – meaning I’d like to get 8 blocks done this month.

So how did I do?

  • Vacation? Check! We spent a lovely week driving down to the Gatlinburg area of Tennessee. We did some outlet shopping, we ate some good food, we relaxed in the hot tub, we visited a couple of museums – we saw a magic show. Goal met!
  • Annual summer cleaning. Check! (mostly….) I didn’t get to the baseboards in a couple of rooms because I wasn’t able to move furniture and appliances. But my cabinets, closets and drawers are cleaned out, my furniture is vacuumed and the windows have been washed (at least on the inside).
  • Read “One Thousand Gifts.” Check! This was one thing that certainly didn’t go as planned. I was excited about this book, and it certainly didn’t minister to me the way I’d anticipated. Plan on seeing a book review later this month.
  • Create a season meal plan. Nope, didn’t happen. Honestly, in the midst of everything else my attitude toward food has sort of been: who cares about cooking, buy me a pizza. Fortunately, my husband has a stronger will than I and managed to make us some good homecooked meals. Fall meal planning is going onto the September goals list.
  • Make a fall wreath. Also didn’t happen, although in typical Amanda fashion, I bought a piece on clearance to go onto a Christmas wreath. I’d still like to get some fall decor together, and may stop at Walmart tonight and see what I can put together.
  • Can tomatoes. Check! You’ll see pictures later, but I have 12 lovely quart sized jars of tomatoes. I didn’t grow all the tomatoes myself, but I did help peel and cut and jar and water-bath-process about 14 jars, 12 of which came home with me.
  • 8 blocks from my big quilting project. I didn’t do this either. I finished two and started two more. But I have a good excuse: I finished 12 for a smaller project that I’ve wanted to do. Two big seams and I’ll have the top done, unless I decide to put on a border. Then its quilting and binding. Fingers crossed, I’m done by the end of October. And, sorry, but you don’t get any more details on this project for a while. Its a surprise.

So – I guess you can call me 5 for 7, if you let me off the hook for working on a different quilting project. I suppose part of the point was to actually do some handwork.

Here are a few other things I did in August:

  • Started a community leader training program called the Kosciusko County Leadership Academy. I’ll spend the next year learning about the community and completing a white paper project, working along side 25 other young community leaders.
  • Finished reading The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood
  • Finished reading The Historian  by Elizabeth Kostova
  • Put together a “capsule wardrobe” to keep myself looking professional throughout the coming year

Here are my September goals

  • Can more tomoates
  • Work up four blocks for my big quilt project
  • Fall seasonal meal plan
  • Fall decor, including a fall wreath
  • Read two novels from my Book List

What things will you get done this month?



3 thoughts on “August in Review & September’s Goals

  1. Sounds like a fairly successful month to me. What are you doing your white paper project on? Sure it will be challenging and knowing you quite thorough (is that the right spelling for “complete”)

    • I haven’t decided on a topic yet, but will pushing for something in the arts. We work in teams, so I won’t be able to just do whatever I like. I’ve been talking with some folks in the community who’ve been giving me some guidance and ideas.

      And yes, thorough is correct =)

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