Pinterest Weekly 8.16.12

Here are this week’s favorite pins, linked to their sources as always. Happy pinning!


This really isn’t my kind of scent – I’m a floral and fresh laundry kind of gal – but this looks like a great hostess gift or simple Christmas gift. This blogger also has a recipe for one that smells like Spiced Cider, which would also be great for Christmas.

At the risk of becoming the crazy lady with 600 baby quilt patterns and not enough time (or babies) to sew them all – look at this adorable pattern called “Kissy Fish.” I love the bright colors with the bright white – so cheerful!

I love Italian Wedding Soup. Absolutely love it – and haven’t had it in ages because I won’t buy processed soups in a can. But I found this yummy recipe, that even leaves out the grains, so I can feel great about eating it. This will be on the menu soon!

Look at the bows on these boots. I love it.

Finally, check out this incredible website with lots of yummy recipes:




One thought on “Pinterest Weekly 8.16.12

  1. i would happily accept picture #1 as a Christmas gift. you know how crazy i am about delicious fall scents wafting through my house…

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