Pinterest Weekly 8.2.12

Getting this month off to a good start – here’s what I’m pinning this week. I learned in a social media seminar that Pinterest is the fastest growing social media network on the internet. This is not at all surprising, and it makes me happy. Somehow, I prefer DIY and recipes over the Chick-Fil-A Wars.

As always, linked back to their original sources. If you want to see more of my pins, just click the Pinterest button to the right.

I’m a little obsessed with Noah’s Ark these days. I think its the promise of rainbows and dry land after surviving great trials. I’m already having visions of a rainbow mural on a nursery wall. And I love this pattern for an adorable stuffed Noah’s Ark and creatures. This is definitely on my wish list.

Not being a master seamstress (or a seamstress at all) I really appreciated this simple tutorial for smocking. Will I ever smock anything? I don’t know, but its a great skill if you want to make heirloom/vintage clothes for littles. Is smock (and all conjugations thereof) fun to say? Absolutely. Smock, smocking, smocked…. try it!

 I didn’t put this one together, but I wish I would have. This was my most popular pin this week – and I think its lovely.

While we’re talking fashion, look at this adorable vintage gingham swimsuit. I love cute one-piece suits!

I love my cast-iron skillet, and I love this collection of 20 or so recipes from for delicious desserts in your cast-iron. Most of them, with a bit of tweaking, can be real food friends. And as an interesting side note, cooking in cast-iron means higher iron content of your food. Its like making a healthy dessert!


We’ve got a tie in the Christmas department this week. Clever Etsy shop Paperjacks is selling these wrapping “necklaces” for your Christmas packages. Now that most of mine travel up to 650 miles, having wrapping without bows to be crushed or fall off would be wonderful. I’m thinking of making these myself. And check out this great tutorial for wrapping up small gifts like peppermint candies. So cute!

This humorous little meme is floating about the interwebs, and I’ve chosen to not link back to the original source because there is some objectionable content there. I pinned this for a couple of dear friends who are writers, and understand that proper spelling and comma placement make all the difference.

Love these adorable cookies, sadly the link to them doesn’t seem to be working. This may be my Valentine’s project this year. What a sweet present!

What are you pinning this week?



2 thoughts on “Pinterest Weekly 8.2.12

  1. Really, really like the cookie idea. How clever.

    Smocking also makes a nice accent on an accent pillow. Grew up with round ones smocked all over as well as square ones with a smocked stripe.

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