A Month in Review: July

I can’t believe that Echoing Footsteps has been going strong for a whole month now. Its been challenging, between dealing with the emotional ramifications of a major milestone in my journey through this first year without William, and having a busy season at work. There have been days I’ve just been too worn out to work on my next blog project, and I certainly have learned flexibility in my posting calendar. To celebrate the hard work I’ve put in, and the tears I’ve cried over some of these posts, I’m taking a day off to share your favorites (and mine!) from this month.

Your Favorites:

My personal favorite post:

Honestly, its a toss-up between:

My most popular page

  • By far is William’s Story. So encouraged that my Little Man is still touching lives.



Here are some links to posts I really loved this month from other blogs. Be sure to stop by and check them out.

  • These are great thoughts by Whole Intentions on choosing a homeschool curriculum. I love it when parents really think through how they want to educate their children and draw on historical education resources.
  • These beautiful and sensitive thoughts from Frugal Granola on being part of a fellowship of women. I’ve been grateful for my own fellowship of women.
  • John Piper’s Desiring God blog on Wimpy Theology and Womanhood.
  • Albert Mohler’s thoughts on children and playing outdoors.
  • This absolutely stunning book from Beth Morey on remembering a lost child.
  • These yummy looking mini pies from my friend Rachel and Balance and Blueberries.
  • Finally, for a good laugh for the day – a new humor blog called Pinstrosity – where we humbly admit to our Pinterest projects not quite living up to the original.

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