Around the House: Housekeeping Failures

Not long ago a gal in a Facebook group I’m part of was complaining about bloggers. I can’t remember her exact words, so I won’t quote her. The thrust of her complaint was that bloggers, especially “real food” bloggers or homemaking bloggers seem to live in this perfect little world where their children are quiet and well behaved, and their home is always clean and they never drink soda or eat a fast food burger. At first, her comment rankled me a bit. She knows I’ve started blogging, was she pointing her finger at me?

I don’t know if she was, but she probably wasn’t. Still, I began thinking about what she said, and realizing how far from my idealized blog life I actually live. We’re not going to talk, today, about how I’m utterly failing in my adrenal fatigue diet. For heaven’s sake, I ate scones for breakfast! But I do want to be real with those who are reading. What’s the point of pretending I live some sort of perfect life when it isn’t true? How will that encourage anyone?

So here I am to be real.

I cleaned my house this weekend. Really cleaned. I dusted cobwebs. I wiped down cabinets. I dusted door lintels. I was feeling so proud of my little self.

Today, I flipped back through my calendar and realized that I didn’t actually do the cleaning I’d scheduled myself to do. I was supposed to do quarterly cleaning projects – wash windows, vacuum couch cushions, flip the mattress, and some other things I can’ remember at the moment. Clearly, I didn’t remember them on Saturday, either.

I went blueberry picking. I dragged my husband to the home improvement store to make a hanging rack for my bathroom towels based on a Pinterest idea (photos to come). I sewed quilt blocks and watched movies. Vacuum couch cushions and wash curtains I did not.

There you have it – I’ve failed.

It may not seem like a big deal to you, and it really isn’t a big deal. Its not like I’m ignoring an outbreak of bedbugs in my home or something. I suppose the part that is the big deal is not living behind the “Life Is Perfect, I am perfect” faςade of the blogosphere.

I think the key to maintaining a cleaning schedule and keeping up your house is grace. Lots of grace. Whether its because you have six children running you ragged, or you’ve achy joints, or there’s a bit too much stress, you need grace. To me, part of giving myself grace is admitting I need it.

So there you have it – I’ve failed. But all is not lost. I have some vacation time coming up, and I plan to spend a week of it cleaning out closets, washing windows and organizing my cupboards. I’ll probably vacuum my couch cushions, too.

Do you need to be gracious with yourself, today?



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