Pinterest Weekly 7.19.12

I’m telling you, I’m so far sucked into the Pinterest rabbit hole that I may never come back again. Which is okay. Its like creating my own magazine with all of my favorite ideas. Here are a few from this past week, linked, as always to their source sites so you can see the original creators.

I discovered this lovely new brand of home decor through a blog giveaway this week. The company is called Blessings Unlimited, and all of their products are scripture based. This lovely mantle clock has “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” on its face. I’ve been looking for a replacement for an ugly modern alarm clock in my bedroom, and this perfectly fits the bill. Its not in the budget this month, so fingers crossed I win the giveaway!

I love this antique litho, its perfect for the gallery wall I’m planning for either side of my TV. Now to find a reproduction somewhere…

Look at this fantastic tree skirt! Originally listed at $200, and now no longer available, I found a wonderful tutorial for making my own. It looks a bit time consuming, perfect for a rainy Saturday afternoon this fall. I think this is the perfect compliment for my antique ornament tree, as it has the feel of the old cotton snow skirts, but is a little more polished and refined than just piling white batting under my tree.

This was by far my most popular pin this week. I pinned this on a whim, thinking that in the right colors of sunflower yellow, green and white they could be a good component of my gallery wall. Evidently, we all want these expensive looking tiles for the cost of a dollar store disposable baking sheet. This might be a fun way to spend a Friday evening, even if they don’t come out how I want.

I found this treasure on John Piper’s blog. It reads “Wimpy theology makes wimpy women. Wimpy theology simply does not give a woman a God that is big enough, strong enough, wise enough, and good enough to handle the realities of life in away that magnifies the infinite worth of Jesus Christ.” So very true!

We’ve been looking for a solution to our cheap, ugly, outdated towel bars in our bathroom. My parents have one of these, so I don’t know why it didn’t cross my mind until I saw this one. I’ve seen all the supplies to make one of these at our local home improvement store, so this just made my husband’s honey-do list.

I put this together on Polyvore this week. I love the blouse, and while I think this is the perfect outfit for running errands, I work in a casual office and I could see this being great for a laid-back Friday.

I’m always joking with my friends about how having a conversation before coffee in the morning is such a bad idea. When I saw these, I thought they were perfect for my married friends who would like to be civil and loving in the morning, but simply haven’t had their coffee yet. There are anniversaries and weddings coming up, so I may be headed to our paint-your-own pottery place to make a simple gift.

What are you pinning this week?



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