Sewing Saturdays: My New Project

Since finishing up my green and yellow double pinwheel crib quilt, I’ve been launching myself into a new (and much more challenging) quilt.

I found this pattern, called King’s Corner, in Monique Dillard’s book Fat Quarter Winners. I was instantly inspired.

Before I’d had my quilting done on my double pinwheel, I went to my favorite quilt shop, armed with birthday money, mother’s day money, and my debit card. I’ve chosen to do this pattern in 19th century reproductions, choosing dark purples, greens and ivories.

Here is my giant pile of fat quarters, plus my borders and backing. I had the most fun digging through the reproductions fat quarter bin and mixing and matching my light and dark pieces.

Here is the first block I finished. My dark fabric is a forest green with gold swirls. My light fabric is white with pink roses.

Here is another block, in progress. The dark is green with a small ivory floral print, the list is a purple floral on an ivory background.

I currently have three blocks finish, and two more almost done. The queen sized quilt requires 42 blocks, so I’ve a long way to go. I do all my work by hand, so right now I’m hoping to have my piecing done by Christmas, so I can take the quilting on the road during the holidays.

What are you working on today?



5 thoughts on “Sewing Saturdays: My New Project

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