Pinterest Weekly 7.12.12

Here are some of my favorites this week from my Pinterest boards. As always, the images are linked to the original site so you can see the clever geniuses who’ve come up with such wonderful things.

This has been repinned off my boards many times this week. I guess we all need a reminder of our priorities. I certainly do.

I really do love Polyvore. I actually think that something like this creation above I could piece together at a thrift store or consignment shop. With a cap sleeved blouse, this could transition to summer easily.

I love these little animal silhouettes, and whenever Baby #2 comes along I’m planning a Noah’s Ark themed nursery. Won’t these be cute two by two on a nursery wall?

Recently I brought home some mini sunflowers from the market. I was delighted with how they complimented my brown living room in a very cheery way. These pomanders are great inspiration, and may even show up in my living room in the future.

After bringing home 10 pounds of blueberries, I’ve been thinking of how I can preserve them other than freezing. I found this recipe on line, sweetened with honey, and I’ve ordered Pomona’s Pectin. I’m hoping the pectin arrives to do some jamming and canning this weekend.

I’m not exactly looking for a new quilt pattern, but I love this one, and just had to share. Its called Blackberries and Cream, and I love the navy blue with the cream prints. Sadly, I can’t find the pattern anywhere.

I love how simple this cute Christmas wreath is – even someone like me, who struggles to be crafty like this, could put this together in an afternoon.

This idea is so clever. Instead of buying paper towels every week, these are made with cotton and terrycloth, and small plastic snaps. Pull one off, use, and toss in the hamper. And they’re so cute!

Here are some hydrangea gardening tips from This Old House. Since I’m determined to put in hydrangeas next year, I thought this would come in handy.

Happy Pinning!



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