Around the House: Garden Update

Here’s a photoblog of all the happenings in my yard. With a new house, we’ve been a bit overwhelmed by our landscaping, but the pieces are coming together bit by bit.

Our landscaping was professionally done at some point long before we purchased our house. We have some lovely bushes (and some horrid scraggly looking bushes), but instead of putting mulch down, they filled in around plants with the river rock you see above. We’ve been sloooooooly taking it out, by wheelbarrow loads, but its a hard, hot, dirty job. This is landscaping project number one. Oh, and if you come take the rock away, you can have it for free. Let me know if you’re interested!

In front of the porch and front door we had some overgrown evergreen bushes that I just hated. So my hubby has been in the process of tearing them out. We’re down to only a few rootballs, and then I can plant more in this area. Right now I have a planter with impatiens, and I’ve transplanted some daisies from my parents’ place. They aren’t enjoying the heat, but at least they’re not dying! When the roots come out, I’ll be dividing my irises and putting some in the front, as well as some daffodils from my sister, which I’ll plant this fall.

In the spring, we put in this lovely memory garden for William. The bench and stone teddy bear were sent to us at the memorial service. The small flowers in the front are sweet william – you can see them in close-up along the sides of the page. There are pink roses, purple salvia and green boxwood.

Here you can see how things have grown, with lots of water from the hose and plenty of plant food for the roses. They didn’t seem to care for the heat very much, but hopefully now that its cooler I’ll get another bunch of buds. The final touch will be a shepherd’s crook with some lovely windchimes – but we need to figure out how to get the crook home from the garden center – it doesn’t fit in the trunk!

I had some empty beds where my sister lovingly removed a bunch of rock and my dad took out an ugly bush. I decided to throw wildflower seed, although next year I’m hoping to put in hydrangeas. Here is a close up of the tiny white flowers that blossomed this week. I need a field guide to figure out what I have growing.

When we put in William’s garden, there was a lovely large lilac bush I was desperate to save. It smelled so pretty last spring. So we pulled out a bunch of my purple irises, and put the lilac in. Once I’ve done my homework and figured out how to dig up irises and separate them, I’ll be cleaning out these beds and moving some of the irises to the front. The peonies are past their prime – they developed mold and black spot this year, but I’ll cut them back this fall and they’ll be back and lovely next spring.

Here is the start of our veggie garden from spring. Things went in a bit late (mid-May), but my sister is so sweet and brought us the tomatoes (to the left) and the peppers (to the right) which she started from seed. We also put in two watermelon plants and a zucchini plant.

Here is the garden now, tended with lots of water and food. The zucchini and watermelon are fighting over who will take over the peppers, and the tomatoes are thriving.

Here are our little green tomatoes. It will be a while before we’re enjoying them fresh off the vine, but they’ll be worth the wait!

Who knew veggies could be so lovely? This was open and flourishing this morning when I went out to take a picture. Can you see the zucchini hiding beneath the flower?

Here is the first veggie out of our garden. This lovely zucchini will find its way into a stir fry with coconut oil and garlic later this week.

How does your garden grow today?



2 thoughts on “Around the House: Garden Update

  1. good luck with your produce! i am currently trying to find a way to use all the stinkin squash and zucchini we have piled on the counter. lots of girlled veggies, zucchini parmesian casserole, and fresh zucchini/squash. mom found directions online to blanch and then freeze them so that they last about 14mo in the freezer. i’m going to try when i get some fresh ones. hope your tomatos ripen soon! they are so yummy!!!!

    • I’ve got some recipes on pinterest for zucchini, preparing for the inevitable onslaught. And I’ll be lucky if I get a single tomato canned, since my husband would eat a gardenful in a single sitting.

      Good luck with all that zucchini!

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