Pinterest Weekly

I truly enjoy Pinterest. It makes me laugh, it makes me cry, it makes me hungry. It inspires me, and I’ve actually done some of the things I’ve pinned.

I’d like to share with you some of my favorite finds. You can always follow me on Pinterest, but each week you’ll see highlights on Echoing Footsteps of my favorite things. Each of the images links to the site it is originally sourced from.

This is from my board “True Statements.” On this board you’ll find sayings that make me laugh, or cry, or that simply resonate very deeply with me.

I don’t have many pins on Products I Love, but Molly Bears is truly a product I love. They make weighted teddy bears to give to mothers who have lost a child. I have my name on a list to receive a little 1 lb 7 oz bear in honor of William Jorge. Unfortunately, right now, Molly Bears, a non-profit, is struggling to make ends meet. If you have a generous heart and can help out, please go to their website and make a contribution today.

On my Style board you’ll find an eclectic collection of shoes, dresses and the like. Here’s a little something I put together on Polyvore, perfect for a summer cocktail party. The dress is from Monsoon, the bag is Michael Kors, and the sandals are River Island. Sadly, none of these things reside in my actual closet, nor are they likely too.

Don’t know Polyvore? Its the best thing since window shopping the Magnificent Mile!

My board “For the Home” is full of delightful treats for my home. Lately I’ve been looking for a solution to my small bathroom sans a linen closet. Currently, my extra towels are piled up on a TV tray, and my spare toilet paper hides in the nursery closet. After selling an extra stacking washer/dryer, we have a space roughly 3′ x 2′ and I thought this brilliant looking Pharmacy cabinet looked like a good fit. Unfortunately, the site that shared this fabulous piece didn’t offer a source from which to purchase it.

My Recipes board is full of everything that will utterly destroy my diet and my willpower. Like this delicious rhubarb cardamom pie.

This Disappearing 9-Patch quilt shows up on my “Projects I Could Do” board. I love the “coordinated scrappy” look off the charm packs, and the 9-patch piecing is super simple for a hand piecer like me. I’ve a whole list of friends I’m waiting on to have babies, so I can make another crib quilt. This may be the next pattern I pick.

This is found on my “Christmas Present and Future” board. After a discussion about traditions with my husband, I thought this would be something fun to put together: an advent calendar that focuses on holiday activities to do.

My board called “For My Friends” is relatively new, a place to put things to make them laugh, or gifts to give them, or simply things that remind me of loved ones far away. I thought this idea was lovely, especially with the number of weddings I expect to happen in the next 12 months.

This comes from my “Random Things to Try” board – filled with a hodge podge of not exactly crafts, not exactly recipes, but things that look interesting to try. I’ll be trying this when I set into my summer seasonal cleaning next month.

I really appreciate this Bountiful Year infographic I found, that currently lives on my “Inspiring Action” board. Next year, I’m going to use all my garden space in spring, summer and fall. This will tell me what to plant early in the year, and then late in the year after my tomatoes and squash have died out.

I love tisanes (herbal teas), and I’m really enjoying learning to garden. This seemed like a wonderful plan for growing my own herbs for tisanes. At least some of them have medicinal uses as well.

Mothers love filling their homes with things that remind them of their children. Mothers of angel babies feel this even more so, and are looking for ways to keep those departed little ones a part of the family. I won’t be making this for a while, as having it on my wall will make me too sad. But when, and if, God sends us a Rainbow baby, I will begin putting up a clock for each of my children, including little William.

 I hope you’re a little inspired and intrigued. Happy Pinning!



2 thoughts on “Pinterest Weekly

  1. I LOVE the clock idea as well as the Christmas traditions advent calendar! Family oriented ideas are always extra special.

    • Once you’ve been through loss, you realize how much more important family is. Any idea that celebrates family will have a special place on my Pinterest boards, and on my blog.

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