What To Do When You Just Don’t Feel It

Have the following words ever come out of your mouth?

I know it is true, I just don’t feel it!

If they haven’t, well, count yourself lucky! As artists, we’re extra-emotional beings. These rampant emotions make us great artists, but so often we use them as crutches.

“I don’t feel like practicing right now. And I shouldn’t practice if I don’t feel it.”

“I don’t feel like going to church.”

“I know God’s Word says this is true, but I just don’t feel it. So I can’t believe it.”

We’ve been taught, as artists, to rely on our emotions to guide us. It’s great when you’re interpreting Beethoven (unless you’re trying to play Beethoven in the style of Ives). It’s awful when you’re interpreting God’s word!

I’ve been examining why I often respond to God’s truth with “I just don’t feel it!”

I’m guest blogging today (yay!) over at the MasterWorks Festival. To hear how I’m dealing with the disconnection between knowing and feeling, continue reading here:

MasterWorks Festival Guest Blog


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