Meal Plan Mondays 10.3.11

After a week “off” from meal planning (translation – I was sick last weekend, didn’t get meals planned and subsequently overspent on groceries, was stressed out every night come 6:00 pm, and ate way too much junk), I’m back on track. To make meal planning more difficult and complicated, we’ve agreed to start back on Phase 1 of Jordan Rubin’s The Maker’s Diet. (See my post from a year ago). The first two phases of that diet are the only success I’ve had in loosing weight in a long time. Here are the delectable choices for this week, running Sunday through Saturday, with serious Maker’s Diet commitments starting Wednesday, after a birthday celebration.

  • Sunday
    • Breakfast: Scrambled eggs
    • Lunch: Leftover beef stew, cheese slices & sourdough bread
    • Dinner: Rotisserie chicken, veggies
  • Monday
    • Fried eggs & sourdough toast, unpasteurized apple cider
    • Tuna salad, carrots & celery, cheese slices, sourdough bread & apples
    • Pan-seared salmon, broccoli & buttered peas
  • Tuesday
    • Breakfast: eggs over easy & toast
    • Lunch: Soup Paysanne (vegetable soup)
    • Dinner: Danny’s Birthday Feast
      • Pan Roasted Pork Loin with Creamy Herb Sauce
      • Roasted Crispy Potato Fries
      • Steamed Asparagus
      • Tossed Salad
      • Pecan Spice Cake
  • Wednesday
    • Breakfast: Salsa Eggs, Goat’s milk yogurt with blueberries and raw almonds
    • Lunch: Soup Paysanne
    • Dinner: Spaghetti Squash with Meat Sauce, Salad & Yogurt parfait
  • Thursday
    • Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, mixed berry kefir smoothie
    • Lunch: Soup Paysanne
    • Dinner: Bunless Bison Burgers, Root Veggie “Fries” & Broccoli
  • Friday
    • Fried Eggs & Kefir Smoothies
    • Lunch: Soup Paysanne
    • Dinner: Baked Chicken, Lentil Pilaf & Mashed Acorn Squash
  • Saturday
    • Breakfast: Raw Cheese Omelet, Yogurt with Blueberries
    • Lunch: Leftovers
    • Dinner: Leftovers (if necessary – Dan’s playing a gig at a local restaurant for Oktoberfest so we may be eating out that night – at least the restaurant uses real food, and mostly local sourced produce)

In other news, I did some thrift shopping this weekend. In all, I scored three skirts, a pair of slacks, a cardigan, two sweaters and two blouses for about $30. And given the name brand and department store tags in most of the items I bought, I doubt I could have made the identical purchases at retail price for less than about $300.

50% off days at Goodwill are fantastic!

I just finished our next book club novel – Island of Ghosts. Look for my review later this week!

Good reads & great eats, friends!


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