Down the Rabbit Hole

Dear Blogosphere,

I feel as if the last few months have vanished down the rabbit hole. And no – I haven’t been reading Alice in Wonderland.

I haven’t forgotten about you. I don’t even have the excuse of having nothing to share. I have, however, lost track of how long its been since I’ve blogged at all, let along regularly. We’re moving toward getting internet at home, which means I will soon be able to write in the evenings.

In the meantime, to placate my conscience and my small, loyal band of readers – here’s a list of things I’ve learned this spring:

  • Too much rain is as bad as too little. I desperately want to plant a garden. Nothing fancy, for now just some herbs, tomatoes and zucchini would suffice. Between rain in the skies and stones in my garden, I’ll be lucky if I get anything planted this year.
  • Stones are heavy. I’m so tired of seeing the stones in my landscaping (put there intentionally to keep out the weeds – its not working), but removing them is a far bigger pain than I’d anticipated. And now we’ll have a big pile of them in our backyard. Free for the taking (but you have to come get them yourself)!
  • South American literature takes FOREVER to read. Its not that I don’t like Love in the Time of Cholera. I really do want to know if the guy will get the girl in the end. But reading more than  a page or two at night has been difficult. Especially when distracted by other reading.
  • Cheating on South American literature means it takes even longer to finish. Okay, its true. I haven’t exactly be diligent in my fiction reading. I’ve been reading cookbooks, nutrition books, homeopathic books, herbal remedy books and as much information as I can find on making my own personal care products (toothpaste, shampoo, deoderant, etc) and cleaning products. Of course, I haven’t taken the plunge and actually MAKE anything yet.
  • Research can last forever if you don’t just suck it up and try things. At some point, I’m going to have to get out of the library and into the lab. Its days like this I curse my perfectionism and wish I had more of a  let’s-just-try-it-and-see attitude.
  • Crocheting is hard. Never try to start by learning to make baby hats. Consider something small. And square. Like a dishcloth.
  • Trying to help plan a vacation for six people who are scattered across two states isn’t easy either.  Especially when you’re trying to figure out how to take your diet on the road with you.
  • Amish bulk food stores rock my world. Sucanat, sorghum, sprouted wheat flour, cinnamon sticks (my husband makes this wonderful South American drink called canela), herbal teas, spices, free range eggs, locally made cheese, unsweetened shredded coconut, real honest-to-God vanilla. All far more affordable than can be purchased in town – if I can even find it in town. If only their hormone free, grass-fed meats weren’t so darn costly.
  • I need a deep freezer. The only way I’ll get us free of the bonds of grocery store meat is if I can buy meats in bulk and freeze. Until I have a deep freezer, it just isn’t going to happen.
  • Raw milk is impossible to find. I’ve decided that I’m tired of the government telling me what I can & can’t consume. I think I would like to be able to decide if raw milk is bad for me or not; I would like to have the responsibility of choosing a healthy, clean farm with health, clean animals over poorly treated, poorly farmed dairy cows that never see the light of day and are pumped full of hormones and soy beans. I would also like to not have to drive across state lines or purchase my own cow to have the right to drink raw milk. And I will now get off that soap box and go back to my low-temp pasteurized, non-homogenized milk from Eagle Creek Farms. 
  • Cheating on my diet even a little is just going to have to stop. We cheated a lot between Christmas and March. I’ve gained most of my weight back and all my skinny clothes don’t fit any more. Makes me so stinkin’ angry! It also means I’ll probably starve my poor husband to death over the next few months. And buy out the farmer’s market every week. Speaking of which – is it May yet?!
  • The blogosphere is a wonderfully scary place. Talk about the ultimate rabbit hole! Only a few months ago I followed one fabulously well written foody blog, which I’ve mentioned often: The Nourished Kitchen. That blog led me to a link. Which lead me to another link. And another and another and another. I started following them all. I have a Google alert set up for Weston A. Price, which opened yet ANOTHER rabbit hole. I’m in serious trouble. When is it time for an intervention?
  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE meal planning. I also get really stumped and discouraged. I like a widely varied diet and a widely varied cooking routine. I planned a couple of weeks out thoroughly, but then fell apart with my planning. Now I’m trying to get a whole month’s rotation going so I only need to revise about once a season. Wish me luck!
I suppose that’s been most of my spring. I still haven’t finished painting in my kitchen. My base of operations for unpacking and organizing is still a disastrous mess. I returned an entire stack of books unread to the library. Our water softener is still on the fritz, but at least our furnace is full operational (without a repairman’s fee). 
And now back to your regularly scheduled programming.
Wishing you good reads & great eats!

11 thoughts on “Down the Rabbit Hole

    • You have absolutely nothing to worry about! Whatever food I put in my mouth is my choice (who was it who brought insanely unhealthy dessert to your place last weekend?) and I’ve been wanting to learn to crochet. Doesn’t make it not difficult! I have to keep you around – how else will I ever figure out how to make one of those cute baby hats?

  1. Uncle Dave – No announcements!

    My friend Jen & her moms’ group are having a crafting party to decorate newborn hats to donate to the local crisis pregnancy center. Jen is doing most of the crocheting and when we were all together on Easter Sunday she asked if anyone wanted to help make them. I wanted to help but didn’t know so – hence my starting lesson was trying to create a baby hat.

  2. I’m so sorry the raw milk leads I passed along didn’t work out for you. What a bummer!

    I’m addicted to all the real food blogs too. 🙂

    Definitely get in the lab (kitchen) and get started… it’s all easier than you think. Baby steps, it works! One thing at a time.

    I wish I knew of an Amish bulk food store around here. Need to keep searching.

    Best wishes on your continuing real food journey. It’s so worth it!

    • Jen – we’re planning to take a day to make a few drives – still everything we’ve found is over an hour away! Our farmer’s market starts up soon, so there’s a possibility I may be able to make a connection soon.

      Thanks for the encouragement! I have a recipe for shampoo laying on my kitchen counter now – just need to pick up the appropriate ingredients.

      Its too bad that Shipshewana is such a drive for you – I’ve been so happy with the things I’ve found there!

      All the best

  3. Amanda, I really enjoyed this post. I can relate! And I need a deep freezer really bad! My food “thing” is healthy comfort food. The other day someone commented about how he wished he could eat my bread pudding, it looks good, but ooh the fat and the calories. I said, Read the recipe–my version only looks and tastes rich, it is really quite lean. I’m most concerned about my food being organic, local, sustainable, ethical, humane, all that. Oh, and I REFUSE to crochet! A bunch of my friends are doing it, they even get together and do it, but I’m not going there–it makes me cross-eyed and crabby!

    • Jean – I wish people would stop worrying about fat and calories. The real concerns should be how nutritious something is (is if full of vitamins and minerals and essential amino acids and all of those other wonderful little things God’s blessed our food sources with) and how active are you (being a couch potato and eating 3000 calories a day will make you chubby in short order no matter how nutritious your food is).

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