My Very Own Bakery

Okay, okay, so its not exactly true. I don’t have my very own bakery. And I’d be broke and chubby if I did. This doesn’t mean, however, that I don’t occasionally transform my tiny kitchen into my very own bake shop. This weekend I experimented with some recipes from my new favorite blog, The Nourished Kitchen. Since we started our diet we haven’t had a single baked good. No bread, no cake, no cookies, no muffins or bagels… nada.

But this week, we are finally permitted sprouted grain bread. I’m familiar with the Ezekiel Bread version – admittedly not a favorite. I mean, its better than nothing, but when I’m really craving a sandwich… I’m not longing for Ezekiel bread. But Nourished Kitchen blogger Jenny has a recipe for Sprouted Wheat Bread. So I went for it.

Although a typically unsuccessful baker of breads, this time around I seem to have broken my curse. The crust is dark and a little crunchy, but not thick or tough. The inside is soft, chewy and just a little dense. The process was a breeze, and the results were beautiful – as you can see:

And look how beautiful the inside is….

It tasted lovely as toast… and even lovelier for lunch with tuna salad made with canola mayo. I am so darn proud of myself I just might reconsider culinary school. Okay… not really.

The bread-baking experience of my life should not, however, be overshadowed by my success in the sweets department. We spent Sunday afternoon at my folks, celebrating the “outlaws” birthday party – my husband, and my brother-in-law both have fall birthdays, so it was birthday cake all around!

I feared, however, the shock of all that refined sugary goodness I knew would be in the birthday cake would do a serious number on our bodies. So I bravely hit the internet, looking for a no-refined-sugar, gluten-free, “almost healthy” substitute. Once again, the Nourished Kitchen to the rescue with a delightful Coconut Flour Cake. While not at all cheap to prepare, it was relatively simple, with delicious results.

The cake was heavier than I anticipated, more like a banana bread than what we typically think of as cake – mouthwateringly flavored with coconut, vanilla, and orange. The frosting was difficult to work with – the house was too warm for the coconut oil to stay solid for easy spreading. So my cake suffered from a little appearance jealousy as it stood next to my brother-in-law’s pumpkin cake.

But the little coconut cake that could stood his own, happily decorated with candles and a sombrero-wearing cowboy (thanks to my mother), and really hit the spot for those of us who no longer eat refined sugary… uh… “badness.”

And see how lovely!

Have you baked anything recently? How about something gluten-free, or substituting honey for sugar? Would love to hear about your results!

Wishing you good reads (and great cake!)



6 thoughts on “My Very Own Bakery

  1. Hey cuz! I am definitely keeping all these recipes in mind for when my man and I start our “diet”. You should hang on to them and send me the ones that work out for you. We will not be able to go as strict as you guys are (I am going to have a very hard time convincing my saturated-fat-loving boyfriend to even try anything CLOSE to healthy!) but I am really going to try to get more organic vegetables and less fatty things into our diet for sure. These look amazing!!! =]

    • Would love to hear about your diet! Its important to get your other half to really support you. Trying to go it alone is really tough – especially if you eat lots of meals together.

      The internet is a wealth of information – there are literally hundreds of food blogs dedicated to healthier cooking. I also get a subscription to Cooking Light – which doesn’t have tons of recipes I use, but gives me some good ideas for things to try.

      Good luck!

  2. I substitute honey in most of my baked goods: muffins, banana bread, etc… Works like a charm. Agave is a better option though. It doesn’t mess with consistency and texture.

    • We’re not supposed to use agave – at least I don’t recall seeing it on the list. We use honey, stevia, pure maple syrup and molasses (I think…).

      Do you alter your recipes when you substitute honey for sugar?

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