An Adventuresome Weekend

I love long weekends. Not that I don’t love my job, or love going to work. I do! But I also love long weekends. I particularly enjoy being completely irresponsible with the extra time I have on long weekends. Sleeping late, eating at strange hours, using up a whole tank of gas, not cleaning my apartment. This weekend was an ideal example.

Friday night was the first date night we’d had in a month – so we went to Fort Wayne for dinner and a movie.  Going out for dinner is a challenge now a days – with the new diet and all – but we actually did quite well for ourselves with prime rib, mixed veggies and salad. It cost more than a tasty cheeseburger at Applebee’s, but I try to think of it as money I won’t have to spend buying fat clothes, having liposuction or popping expensive prescription pills for cholesterol, blood pressure or diabetes. Money well spent, in my opinion.

Then to the “dollar” theatre to see The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. I was entertained and felt it was worth the $3 ticket I bought. I won’t hide my amusement at the signature out-of-control mop scene a la Mickey Mouse. All in all, a great date night.

We slept in the next day, and Saturday was the first day in a week I’d felt particularly good – the nasty detox effects having mostly worn off, even if the insane sugar and fat cravings haven’t gone yet. After a late breakfast we ventured up to Shipshewana  with the main purpose of visiting the bulk foods store. We stocked up on some spices we needed, checked the price on goat’s milk cheese and purchased a number of  goodies permissible on our diet, most starting next week. Barley and lentils and sprouted grain flour, raw buckwheat honey (yum!) and brown and wild rice, among other things. We then ventured to the produce store where we bought squash and other beautiful produce at great prices. At that point we decided to just stay in town a bit longer and explore some of the other shops. We made the mistake of staying a bit too long, and in Amish country with great food I was on the verge of giving in to fried chicken and mashed potatoes and a giant piece of peach pie. So we got back in the car, stopped by the meat market for some grass fed beef, and hit the road.

Sunday saw my first foray into the toddler’s nursery at our church. In spite of some tears, an animal cookie thief and a lost tennis ball we had a great time together! I’m looking forward to next week already.

That afternoon I talked my husband into going to Plymouth to the Blueberry Festival. The masses of people and the oppressive smell of fried foods made it not the most enjoyable Sunday afternoon of my life. But it was an adventure swimming through the sea of people trying to get a glimpse of whatever was being sold and trying NOT to be lured in by fried cheese, elephant ears, lemon shake-ups, sno-cones, barbecued chicken, chili cheese fries and grilled ears of buttery corn.

We spent a quiet evening having dinner with some friends, and I shared with them my recent trip to China.

Monday we slept, and caught up on our James Bond Marathon. I’ve now successfully made it through all of the Sean Connery and all of the Roger Moore films, and saw my first Timothy Dalton this weekend. Its a lot of explosions, seduction, and plots to take over the world – tons of good fun if you don’t hold it up to any sort of moral or ethical code! We cheer loudly for good explosions, wave goodbye when the bad guys fall out of airplanes or get eaten by sharks or get blown up, and groove to the theme song. Probably the ultimate movie-watching experience, if you’re not looking for a great story line, heartwarming drama or a life changing message.

That afternoon we had a welcome picnic for our new office interns. They’re a crazy bunch with a ton of energy and magnetic personalities. We are going to have a fabulous year with them!

Still working my way through Max Lucado’s Cast of Characters – look for my review soon!

Wishing you blessings & good reads



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