(More than) Five Weeks To Go

As I mentioned about a month ago, my husband and I have agreed to radically change the way we eat. We’ve decided to follow a plan outlined by Jordan Rubin in his book The Maker’s Diet – which essentially follows eating guidelines outline in Judeo-Christian scriptures – the two most recognizable traits being abstinence from pork products and shellfish. Along with the loss of a tasty BLT, the diet abandons all refined or processed foods including white flour, sugar, white potatoes, any bakery good, boxed mixes and practically anything served in the typical American restaurant.

Rubin encourages this break from the Standard American Diet (lovingly referred to as SAD) along with a regimented bathing process, excessive amounts of supplements and moderate exercise. He out lines a 40 day plan (considering 40 a biblical number – Jesus’ days fasting in the desert, Israelites’ years wandering in the desert, etc…), which is meant to take the participant through a cleansing phase for two weeks with highly restricted eating, then a slow acclimation to more foods over 2 additional 2 week phases – leaving one in a maintenance phase that ideally lasts a lifetime.

After reading and researching, Dan & I agreed that we could only afford ourselves the as-close-to-organic-as-possible, as the supplements could easily double our grocery budget – something not exactly feasible for us at this point in life, especially as the nearly-organic switch already significantly increased our food expenditures. We also agreed that the bathing regimen was something we simply didn’t feel we could do – seeing how as we can both become complete recluses for the next 40 days. Sponge baths, infrequent shampooing and all-natural deodorant would keep both of us from venturing into public for the good 2-3 weeks it would take our bodies to detox. And we won’t even go into the discussion of the hot, humid September that we’re also experiencing.

All that said, I’m not expecting the miracles experienced by Jordan Rubin when he regimented himself to this diet. We don’t have near the health obstacles to overcome that he faced, either – but I just don’t see us taking on some perfectly modeled ideal human prototype figures after six weeks of eating green things and meat. I suppose, however, that stranger things have happened. Just not to me.

We started the cleanse phase on Monday – and by Wednesday I was in full detox grossness. I have this general feeling of yuck from head to toe – and I’m STARVING all the time. My breakfast generally consists of two eggs (brown, free-range, locally & organically farmed) with homemade salsa and a glass of coconut milk. We opted for coconut milk, because I think that goat’s milk is more expensive than gasoline and at least half of the drinks on a Starbucks menu. In retrospect, I will take the expensive goats over coconut milk – which doesn’t provide the same nutrition as milk (goat or otherwise) and tastes worse that the weakest skim milk I’ve ever had.

Lunch is a salad (no salad dressing) – generally either spinach or romaine, with either tuna, eggs or leftover meat from the night before – and additional veggies such as tomato or cucumber. Dinner consists of meat and veggies. Last night we hit rock bottom with over-cooked lemon-pepper mahi-mahi, fresh greenbeans, and the awkwardest salad I’ve ever created, involving cucumber, avocado and alfalfa sprouts. The make-shift salad was chopped and thrown on a plate after I succeeded in scorching lentils into the bottom of one of my best pans.

I have mastered the cooking of most grains by this point in my culinary career (having been in the kitchen since I was old enough to crack eggs on the little marker drawn nose my mom used to give us some cracking guidance) – I can do oatmeal, quinoa, brown rice (sans rice-cooker), wild rice, white beans, and barley. While I have tried my hand at spelt,  millet or others of the lesser known grains – I figured they can’t really be THAT different. But those God-blessed lentils were happily simmering away one minute, and scorched and smoking the next. They were my one hope at a really filling meal before a partial fast day (yup – one of those every week – Happy Thursday!).

I compensated with a really tasty parfait made with goat’s milk yogurt, frozen mixed berries, a touch of honey and some chopped raw almonds. I don’t think I’ve had anything that tasty all week!

I round out my day with a cup or two of herbal detox tea, made by Traditional Medicinals called Every Day Detox – and I snack on strawberries when I’m feeling particularly hungry.

In other news – only about six more hours until I can eat again! And hopefully only a few more days before my system is totally reset and I’m feeling better.

For more info on Jordan Rubin, check out www.jordanrubin.com

Wishing you blessings & great reads!


4 thoughts on “(More than) Five Weeks To Go

    • You can have soup on this diet – its probably a great thing to add now that the weather is getting colder and fresh veggies won’t be as easily available in a few months.

      No barley yet – but in a few weeks. I’d love to have your recipes and see if they meet with Dan’s approval!

  1. Since you can not eat barley yet, just leave it out for now.

    Lentil-Barley Soup

    1 lb ground beef
    1 medium onion, chopped
    2 cups cubed potatoes
    1 cup celery
    1 cup dry lentils, rinsed
    1/2 cup barley
    8 cups water
    2 beef bouillon cubes
    1 t salt
    1/2 t lemon-pepper seasoning
    2 (14.5 oz) cans stewed tomatoes

    Put all ingredients, except tomatoes, in crock pot and cook at least 6 hours on low. If you want, add the tomatoes and cook 2 hours longer.

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