Bookish Reviews

As an avid reader, I always find that I have a strong opinions about what I’m reading. And I love to share with everyone I know exactly what I’m reading. My friends always know when I’ve found a new book, because I can’t stop talking about it for weeks.

To get things up and running, I’ll share some quick thoughts about Dr. Kevin Leman’s book Born to Win: Keeping Your Firstborn Edge Without Loosing your Balance.

As an overachieving, demanding, black-and-white, “perfect” firstborn, I found that Dr. Leman had some great suggestions for how to use my natural character traits to my advantage. It was a refreshing look at the ways we warp and twist ourselves into something unnatural and unbearable and how to correct negative patterns.

I love Leman’s causal and witty style, his personal anecdotes, and the wise suggestions of practical application.

If you’re an ordinal firstborn (like me) – an only-the-lonely, a functional firstborn (oldest of your gender or if there is a significant age gap between you and siblings, among other things) or simply driven crazy by a first born (like my poor husband) – this is a must read.

Can’t find it? Look for The Firstborn Advantage – its an older edition of the same book.

Happy readings!



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