Finding My Muchness

About a year ago, I found this:   And for the past 12 months I keep thinking alternate thoughts: “I probably don’t have any muchness to find.” “What’s the use of trying? I’m too tired, too stressed, to defeated to bother finding my muchness.” “I have new things that make me muchy. I quilt. I’m … Continue reading

Illuminate Week 4: Inspiration

Well, it took me far longer than 4 weeks. But I did accomplish the entire Illuminate course from Beryl Ayn Young photography. it’s been quite a journey, and a good one. I’m certainly looking forward to finding more ways to use photography in my life, to document the things that are important, to create through … Continue reading

Rolling Nine Patch

I’m sorry the photo wasn’t showing up – not sure what happened! Hopefully its working correctly now! I recently finished another baby quilt, for my darling friend Stephanie. Stephanie’s little girl, Madelyn Clair, will be here in just a few short weeks. For the first time, I managed to finish a quilt before the baby … Continue reading

Make Way for Baby!

Last weekend we celebrated the forthcoming heir to the house of Damaske. My dear little sister is expecting the arrival of her first little one in the next five weeks or so. With the help of my dear momma, we threw Elizabeth a shower themed with Robert McCloskey’s 1942 Caldecott Award-winning book Make Way for Ducklings. … Continue reading

Illuminate Week 3: Perspective

I was really excited about this week’s lesson. The assignment was to pick a starting point and walk 100 steps, 3 to 5 times. At the end of 100 steps, stop, and frame photos from varying perspectives right where you are. I also took along my iPhone to see what different perspectives I might have … Continue reading

Illuminate Week 2: Light

I can’t believe how long it took me to do this lesson. It wasn’t a particularly hard lesson – explore how to use light in photography. I was challenged to turn off my flash and focus on using the light in the room. My assignment was one of two options: find a quote about light … Continue reading

Quilting Weekend

As some of you know, I’ve used quilting as a creative outlet for grief since William diet. Check out my Projects Page to see the variety of ways that outlet has expressed itself. My sweet Aunt has been quilting over 30 years, and she’s mentored me when we have the chance to visit. My mom … Continue reading

Illuminate Week 1: Self-Portrait

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve taken up Beryl Ayn Young’s Illuminate online photography class for bereaved mothers. It took much more gumption than I expected to pull myself together and complete my first week’s assignment. Not in the least because it required me to ask for help. My assignment from this week: Self-portrait. I … Continue reading

A long, long time

Dear friends, You’ve so faithfully followed my blog, and I’m so grateful for your comments and thoughts and prayers. No doubt you’ve noticed I’d abandoned my poor little corner of cyberspace. I’m sure you’d given up on even hearing from me, and to be honest I’d given up on blogging. The simple truth is, life … Continue reading

My Very Own Mac ‘n’ Cheese

So, for some members of my family this may border on sacrilege. My beloved aunt is known as *the* cook in the family; my mom has a cookbook full of family recipes from my aunt, and I have a recipe box full of them as well. A long time family favorite is her Macaroni and Cheese. … Continue reading